Hello, everyone and welcome to my blog.

This blog was created as a nice space for my creative thoughts, feelings, expressions and impressions. When I was a little girl I used to keep a diary, and nowadays I find this as a one modern version of that. I am not a writer, but I would like to learn to express myself. Also, I would like to share my own experiences and those things I find interesting, useful and important with all of you who have the same interests as me.

I’m Maria: geographer, environmentalist, flight attendant, daughter, sister, friend and much more… I was born in Yugoslavia (Serbia now).  I am very passionate about reading, art, design, fashion, traveling, psychology, anthropology and  science, and a big fan of wild cats and elephants. I graduated at University of Belgrade at  Geography department. In 2010. and 2011. I  lived in the Middle East where I worked for Qatar Airways as a cabin crew. That was excellent period of my life when I traveled a lot, visited so many beautiful places, met a lot of interesting people and different cultures. After that I lived two years in LA, California where I enjoyed and worked in school. Today, I work for Serbian national airline Air Serbia and I live in Belgrade.

The most important for me in life is a family. I love my family so much, my mom and dad were always my strongest support. They taught me about values in life, to love, to respect, to be diligent,  honest and brave.  My heart is full when I see them happy and proud of me.

Please, comment, share with me your opinion, critique or advice, and thank you for reading.


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  1. Hi Maria

    I saw your lovely photograph of the Himalayas at Matt George’s Photo Lord site. Congratulations! I write a daily inspiration blog at and I would like to share your photograph in tomorrow’s post. I will link back to you and credit you and hope you will come and visit. I am new to blogging so learning as I go. Would love to meet
    ou at soulsnet.


    1. Sure, you can share my photo, I am glad that you like it… 🙂


      1. Thanks Maria. And thank you for visiting and liking soulsnet. Hope you enjoy today’s post. Your photograph will greatly enhance it.

        Have a good day


  2. interesting-n-interactive info…


  3. Victoria says:

    Hello! Im appliying to Qatar Airways and I wanted to know what do you think of working for them? did you enjoy the experience? please feel free to contact me! thanks, Vic.


  4. Konsntin Gordeev says:

    Мария ты самая красивая, прекрасная, удивительная девушка, наверное такую девушку не встретишь во всей Сербии!


    1. Konsntin Gordeev says:

      Мария я хочу хранить память о тебе в моём сердце на всю мою жизнь, где бы я не был, помнить о прекрасной девушке и Сербии!


      1. Konstantin Gordeev says:

        Мария в жизни много желаний, но мысли о прекрасной сербской девушке Марии это на всю жизнь!


  5. Konstantin Gordeev says:

    Мария ты самая красивая девушка в Сербии! я всегда думал что Сербия чудесная страна и Сербский народ прекрасен.


  6. Konstantin Gordeev says:

    Мария ты самая прекрасная, самая красивая, самая чудесная и тёплая девушка Сербии, ты как сердце и душа и подобна тёплой воде!


  7. Nastasja says:

    Zasto si otisla iz Qatar Airways?


    1. Iz privatnih razloga


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